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What a perfect beach chair! ST

Genius! A Fantabulous idea, especially for me, the Sun Goddess. MR

I will be going to the beach in August and would love to take a chair with me. I really think it is the greatest-I have recommended this product to many friends and curious onlookers. I will continue to recommend it. SS

Hello! Your product ROCKS! LS

Dear Suntracker: I saw this product in a magazine. I love this product!! It is such a GREAT idea! GS

We are the pleased owners of 4 Suntracker chairs. I would like to purchase 2 more for my parents who live on the outer banks on N.C. They would love to be the first to have these impressive chairs on their beach. Thanks from a pleased customer. PM

I purchased one of your chairs a couple of years ago and think it is great! I'd like to spread the word around the mid-atlantic and was wondering if you would have any interest in discussing a distributor agreement? JH

(Handwritten letter) First I want to thank you for your committment to quality service. It is not often that a company stands behind their product. We truly appreciated your quick response when we had a problem.
P.S. We would definitely recommend your product to everyone. PL & TL

I cannot tell you how nice both you and Mr. Findlay have been about rectifying my problem. Thank you again for resolving this in such a nice way! My chair arrived at 11:00 a.m. this morning. Have a great holiday! TV

This will be our fifth Suntracker. It's a great product. SA

I just came back from 8 days at our condo in Negril, Jamaica, and spent more time in your chair than I did on my feet. Since we were the only ones sitting in "custom" chairs, they got a lot of attention - they are so comfortable, swivel, recline - I love them. Thanks for a really super product. JB

I have just ordered my second Suntracker Swivel Beach Chair. Although friends and family thought I was crazy for investing so much money in a beach chair, the swivel functionality was just too cool. And once people saw it during my first week of use, we all agreed that, although expensive, the chair was worth it! GW

Dear Bob and Megan,
I was just visiting a friend in Florida and she has your wonderful chairs! What a great well designed and easy to carry. As soon as I can splurge, I will send for my very own.
Again, Congratulations. DB

I just have to tell you, I love your chair. The first one I bought was for my husband when he retired, then he got one for me when I retired. We live on the beach in NJ. From May to September we are on the beach pratically every day. The chair is a god-send. So now whenever one of our group retires, his gift is your terrific chair!
Thank you again. CP

I bought my husband the "Suntracker Chair" for his birthday last year. Every time we are sitting on the beach, we have more people come up to us and ask us about it. They think it is the neatest thing they have ever seen. Thanks for such a good product....PM

Sir, we are enjoying out two chairs we bought from you just before Christmas. We are in St. Augustine, Fl and have used them frequently on the beach. Many people have asked us where we got the beach chairs. We have been very good advertising for you! it just occured to me that I should be getting a commission. Just kidding! Thanks! DR

Thank you for such a prompt response - this is his second chair and he loves them - you would have thought we gave him a new car something.

My husband bought me one for Mother's Day a few years ago. I love it and constantly get people coming up to me at the beach and inquiring about the chair. I'd like to get one for my dad and my husband as a gift.

Last summer, I saw a woman on the beach and all afternoon I eyed her chair. She told me that after dozens of people stopped her to ask about the chair, she decided to make copies of the packaging slip for her chair. So now she just hands that out when people ask about it.

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